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Frequently Asked Questions



Finding a cleaning company that compliments your particular lifestyle can be difficult and time consuming. Naturally, many questions will arise. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions? If you are looking for additional information, or have a question that has not been addressed, please feel free to call or email the company directly.

What products do you use when you come out to clean?
Please note, we strive to be an environmentally conscious cleaning company – your fairies are trained on techniques to reduce the use of chemicals in your home if you wish. 

We respect your cleaning product selection and what you choose for your home.  Please note, there are a few cleaning products that Your House Fairies will not use in your home, even if it is provided. For a list of these products you can contact our office.

Because we are confident in what we know, we ask clients to purchase what we carry because we know that it's the best out there.  Plus, your fairies adore the stuff and know exactly how to use it, making them more efficient. 

How many Fairies will come out?
Depending on the job and the size of your space, we will send two, three or a team.  Clients are charged for the space and/or labour hours, and one fairy working for three hours equates to three fairies working for 1 hour. 

Do I have to do anything before the cleaning?
In order for the cleaning to be as effective as possible, our staff asks that you take a few minutes before their visit to tidy up and de-clutter.

Will the first cleaning take longer?
In order to bring your space up to Your House Fairies Standards, the first cleaning (or a visit occurring more than three months after our last visit) will take longer so that we can give your home that deep cleaning it needs. 

Homes that have not been cleaned in a while or homes with pets will take longer to clean. 

Pets are OK
Sure, we can handle pets!  We expect that pets will be properly cared for by you, and ask that you keep them out of the way to ensure we can clean properly.   Please understand that we do not take responsibility for your pets while cleaning (feeding, walking, handling feces or urine, changing litter).  Please note that homes with pets do take longer to clean and that will be reflected in the price.

Please Note: We do NOT walk, feed or clean up urine or feces left from your pet.  

Are you bonded and insured?

Yes.  Your House Fairies has comprehensive insurance that covers many facets of its business.   The policy coverage includes such areas as liability for personal injury and property damage; to crime covering employee dishonesty or counterfeit paper currency.  You are not responsible for their medical bills.  Many home owners are not aware of their potential personal liability for work-related injuries if the person or company they hire does not carry this insurance.  Of course we also have WSIB coverage in case of an accident.

Your House Fairies are experienced, trained, careful, reliable, honest, and in great shape.  We are professionals!  Management goes through a meticulous hiring process which involves reference and credibility checks, training, and bonding and insurance protection. 

What is your guarantee?
We have a stellar track record; however, if you are dissatisfied with your cleaning you are given a 24 hour period to contact us and have that particular area re-cleaned at no cost to you. 

A note will also be made on your file so that we know to pay particular attention to it next time.  If the cleaning has been given a ‘time cap’ by the client, or if we request additional time to complete the work and are not granted an extension, Your House Fairies cannot offer a guarantee for that job since there is no telling how long it may require to complete to our standards. 

Clients must provide a cheque/cash or e-transfer on the day of the visit in an envelope marked to the attention of Your House Fairies.

Is HST charged?
Yes, 13% HST will be added to your invoice, applicable for all of our services and products. Your House Fairies will happily provide receipts for all services.

Do you change linens?
If you strip your bed and leave fresh linens on the bed or specifically request this, we will change them.  Beds will be made regardless of linen changes. 

What if I need to cancel my appointment?
We understand that schedules may change and that flexibility is required.  We require 48 hour notice for cancellation – voicemail or email is acceptable and all messages are time stamped for accuracy.  A $50 cancellation charge will apply if notice is not received before the deadline.  If we arrive at the cleaning and there is no key arrangement for us or we cannot gain access to the home for whatever reason, a 50% lockout fee is levied.   Your fairies rely upon the work we provide to them and we must always respect their time. We dislike charging fees as well, but we have to be considerate of our staff and we thank you for your understanding.

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