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16 years strong

16 Years of House Cleaning Services in Orillia as well as servicing surrounding areas.


Your House Fairies is a unique magical business to help bring a sparkle to your home.  We understand the lifestyles and mindset of the clients we serve. Your House Fairies is the house cleaning service for you. We are fully insured and bonded.

Have you ever wished you had more time to do the things you actually want to do.  Are you tired of multi-tasking with no time for family, Eco Friendly Productsfriends and leisure time. We can help.

Our clients are busy people who want to spend every waking moment doing what makes them happy.  Most clients tell us that cleaning is very low on their list of priorities but a definite necessity.  They want a company they can count on.

We provide an extremely good customer relationship.  We add that personal touch, being flexible with your schedule.  To us, cleaning is not only about scrubbing, dusting and polishing.  It is about creating a lifestyle that is comfortable to you; it is about making a living space feel like home.

Your fairies are all experienced in caring for your home and are trained in cleaning techniques for satisfying and efficient results.  We have built our reputation on these four pillars:

HonestyHiring a cleaning service requires a leap of faith.  Clients need to know that they can trust their most precious belongings to a company that they can put their faith in.  We diligently reference check your fairies to ensure they understand the value of honesty.  Your fairies are trained and sign off on privacy and confidentiality agreements to ensure honestly is maintained at all times.

Reliabilitywe keep our commitments.  We are there when we say we will be and we understand the value of being reliable.

Consistencywe are consistent performers and your fairies are trained the same and monitored and retrained where necessary to offer clients the same service each visit.  Consistency is how we can establish trust and goodwill with our clients.

Quality Your fairies understand that providing quality to our clients means they keep coming back and tell their friends.   It is in our best interest to always offer the very best quality.

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